Immediate Volunteering Opportunity : Gola Forest Project, Kenema, Sierra Leone


  • Graduate engineer required to undertake further development and research of the percussion drill technology.
  • 3-month placement in Sierra Leone.
  • Immediate start (April 2012).
  • All expenses covered.


One of the technologies we are developing is a low-cost percussion drill for drilling water wells. We have been working with our partner, Rural Water Aid, in Bo District of Sierra Leone for a number of years to introduce and develop this technology. There have been three previous EWB-UK placements on this project.

In the last year we have taken on a contract to drill four wells for an international conservation project, the Gola Forest Programme, in which the main client is the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). The initial project goals are nearing completion and there is now considerable opportunity to grow the implementation into a regional operation.

The Gola Forest in south eastern Sierra Leone is a place of unparalleled natural beauty and biodiversity, yet the people living in the local area are some of the poorest in the world. Previous volunteers who have gone to this region have noted how personally enriching is the experience.

The current volunteer is finishing his term managing the project and needs to return to the UK. We are therefore urgently looking for a volunteer to go to Sierra Leone as soon as possible to oversee the completion of the work and also to carry out follow-up work to consolidate the DT drilling technology. The minimum placement will be for 3 months starting in April in order to overlap with the current volunteer and get the most benefit from acquired experience. All expenses will be covered.

Job description:

  • Initially to be located on the Gola Forest site;
  • Provide guidance to the drilling team in completing the wells. The team has been trained in day to day drilling operations but will need help in developing techniques to drill below the water table to ensure an adequate water supply through the year;
  • Supervision of the installation of pumps for the wells, including possibly two solar-powered pumps for the client, and to liaise closely with the client’s local team;
  • Maintain and build project reporting;
  • On completion of the project it is envisaged that the volunteer will spend some time working with the local partner to upgrade the drilling equipment and techniques;

Skills and experience needed:

  • Graduate in Engineering or a similar discipline;
  • Strong interest in development with experience working and living in rugged environments;
  • Evidence of strong practical skills is highly desirable;
  • Self-reliant and independent, with good technical and managerial skills.

How to apply: please email a letter of application with CV to Ron Dennis at in particular emphasising your attributes for the placement.

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