Half Runners Rally Support for DT

On the morning of the last Sunday in September, five brave souls strapped on their running shoes and green DT t-shirts, and took to the road in the Ealing Half Marathon.

Even better, they all finished the gruelling 13+ mile course – some maintaining a vigorous stride while at least one staggered across the line and collapsed in a heap. But all were smiling and had a race medal to show for their efforts. We were most impressed!

Best of all, many friends and family members generously sponsored them. The team, called the Half Runners, had a goal to raise £1,200 for DT and at this writing the total, including Gift Aid, is approaching £1,700 with more donations still arriving.

The good news is, “it’s never too late to donate” and you can join the many others in helping DT’s projects reach their full potential by giving a little something here.

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