Mourning the Loss of a Great Man

With great sadness we mark the passing of Ron Dennis, DT’s Project Coordinator for the past 12 years. Ron’s sudden death on 20th September only days after a diagnosis of cancer and a short stay in hospital was a shock to all who knew him.

Throughout his life, Ron was a hard-working and honourable man. He never retired as he enjoyed the work that he did and also wanted to provide for his family. His 60 year working career started with degrees at Nottingham University, working in engine design. He then moved to the West Indies followed by Australia, taking up faculty positions. He returned to the UK to work with charity, IT Transport. In the last 12 years, he taught and inspired students at Imperial College London and City University as part of work associated with Developing Technologies. This work ranged from low cost vehicles to smoke free cook stoves that generated electricity.

Ron made a number of visits to Africa with a special concern for emergency transport in rural areas. As finance became very difficult at DT, Ron continued to work on a partly voluntary basis putting his commitment to helping others less fortunate above all else. With Ron’s amazing design work, he has helped save many lives and his family, friends and colleagues will always remember the fantastic, caring work that he did. As a highly skilled and gifted engineer, Ron worked long and hard to design engineering artefacts for some of the poorest in developing countries. He will be greatly missed.

4 responses to “Mourning the Loss of a Great Man

  1. Funmi Odusanya

    Sad to hear this. I was fortunate to work with him on the recycling plastic waste project. I am truly grateful for the time spent with him and the value he added to kick starting my career. He will be deeply missed.

  2. Nnok Linus Irmiya

    what a sad news at this time, it was a great moment working with Ron on the plastic recycling project at the City University the reason for my being in UK four years ago. I thank God for the time spend with him. I was challenge with his zeal, philosophy and drive. we have indeed lost a great man.

  3. At Fantsuam Foundation, Nigeria, we have been working with Ron on recycling of waste plastics. We were on the verge of identifying graduate students who would tale our pilot of conversion of waste plastics into tiles and sheets, using the compression mould designed by Ron. He will be sorely missed and we send our condolences to his family. John Dada

  4. At the National Institute for Medical Research in Mwanza, Tanzania we are also very saddened and shocked by Ron’s sudden death. It was a great pleasure to get to know Ron, and to work with him on various ideas including on our MRC funded Safer Deliveries study which is now underway. This project will provide emergency transport in rural communities to women in labour using motorcycle-drawn ambulance trailers designed by Ron and the team at DT. Thanks to Ron, the manufacturing of the first ambulance vehicle is set to start later this week.

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